Letter Names (“ek” System)

Diinlang will need names for the letters of the alphabet. Some of the English names cannot be used since they are the same as some words in Diinlang. It is preferable that a system is used that is logical, consistent and easy to learn. An advantage would be if the letter names are phonetically distinctive, helping when you have to spell things over a phone.
I call this system the “ek system” since it used either the letter “e” or “k”.
The names of the vowels are created by adding “-k” to the end. Thus we have “ak, ek, ik, ok and uk”. “ok” is pronounced as one word, to rhyme with “knock”, “uk” to rhyme with “buck”.
Consonant names are created by doubling the consonant and placing an “-e-” in the middle. Thus we have “ded, geg, jej, heh, mem, nen, yey”. The use of “e” gives distinct sounds for “c”, “k” and “s” as “cec, kek, and ses”.