Introduction to the Diinlang Blog

This blog began as a way for a friend and myself to discuss the creation of a constructed language/ auxiliary language (“conlang/ auxlang”) that I called “Diinlang”. I have changed the phonetics since then, so the final language, if it ever appears, will be called “Deenlang” and “Diinlang” should be treated as the prototype/ draft form.
This blog also digresses into examinations of other conlangs, controlled vocabularies and observations on natural languages. Deenlang may never be completed, but I have learned a lot along the way and I hope this blog will be of some interest and use to others.
This blog was originally on “Blogger/ Blogspot”. Behavior of that site has always been eccentric, graduating to “nightmare” if the page had any tables! Add to this the compulsory “improvements” that often made things worse, and I gave up. I also became aware that no one on Blogger owns their content and Google can dump any of your content at will. For a brief time the blog was with Infinity Free but they proved unreliable, so I migrated to this site. The bad news is that I have to rent a server so will only be able to keep this going if the donations and click-throughs are good.
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If you have enjoyed this blog or it has been helpful to you please feel free to show your appreciation. Thank you!